iNFUSION - CryoSkin 3.0

Cryoskin 3.0 is our spot fat reduction treatment that eliminates fat cells in those stubborn problem areas. Using this cutting-edge technology, we help ordinary people achieve extraordinary health goals naturally and effectively.

88% of Individuals find the Procedure Comfortable

Cryoskin 3.0 is a non-invasive treatment for slimming and toning problem areas.

Average of 38% Fat Loss

Cryoskin 3.0 the ultimate treatment for spot reduction of fat removal.


Are you tired of dieting and exercising but still not seeing results in the areas you focus on the most? Then Cryoskin is for you!
Benefits Include:
  • Cryoskin has taken the wellness world by storm. It’s not another “waist trainer, diet pill, or fat burning supplement”. It’s a proven biological process backed by science.
  • This science is called, Apoptosis otherwise known as “programed cell death”. This process occurs in the body naturally overtime. However, when cold temperatures from the Cryoskin wand are applied precisely we are able to induce apoptosis to target fat cells and eliminate body fat.
  • We use this science and your body’s naturally ability to achieve incredible results with clinical data showing a 38% reduction in subcutaneous fat and an average of 1.85’’ inches lost.
  • So many people who eat a clean diet and exercise regular can still struggle to lose fat from the areas they want it gone from the most. (Love handles, Stomach, etc). Well, that’s because there’s no such thing as spot fat reduction when it comes to exercise. Your body will burn fat from where there is fat readily available to burn. In most instances its place you don’t want to lose it from. Like your boobs and butt.
  • Sometimes genetics can play a role in where you store fat but it’s mostly due to your body’s self-defense mechanism which is to store fat around your mid-section in order to protect your vital organs.
  • So if your one of those people who struggles with this or maybe you just want a little extra boost to keep you motivated on your weight loss journey Cryoskin 3.0 can help!
Unlike other treatments, Cryoskin 3.0 uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. The Peltier effect provided by the Cryoskin 3.0 painlessly kills fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues or causing irritation.
Benefits Include:
  • The cold treatment applied by the Cryoskin 3.0 also improves your microcirculation, which results in higher collagen production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles from the facial area.
  • Cold exposure can aid in the reduction of cellulite with incredible results.
  • Cryoskin 3.0 works by using sub-zero temperatures with a 3 phase thermal shock to destroy fat cells so they can then be excreted naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.
  • With CryoToning Cellulite, there's finally a real, non invasive solution to help you to reduce stubborn cellulite.
  • CryoSlimming uses cold temperatures to reduce fat. It is a completely non-invasive session and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. To ensure your body's lymphatic system has time to recover, sessions can only be scheduled every 2 weeks. This leaves you to look and feel amazing.
  • Whether you’re looking to lose fat on your stomach, thighs, arms, or back, remove cellulite from thighs and glutes or slow down the signs of aging on the face the Cryoskin 3.0 is for you.
  • When diet and exercise aren’t enough Cryoskin 3.0 can help you reach your body composition goals.

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