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Our support system includes:

  • Location Selection
  • Set up and start-up guidance
  • Complete method to conduct the daily business operations
  • Marketing and operation manuals
  • A branded and recognized Logo and Business name
  • Fully developed website that can be altered to the franchise
  • Handouts and materials to help promote franchise
  • Monthly/Quarterly marketing strategies that are proven to produce successful leads
  • Full-time support and guidance to any marketing or operating decisions

  • Start-Up Requirements
    Preferably iNFUSION franchisee candidates should have experience in the practitioner business or management field. Franchisees must have a total net worth of $250,000 and at least 100,000 in liquid assets.
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    Montgomery, AL Location

    Montgomery, AL Location

    249 Winton Blount Loop
    Montgomery, AL 36117
    (334) 296-1662


    Looking for a business with growth and opportunity? Look no further!

    We aim to continue our trend of health and wellness, by incorporating our business model and theme to locations all over the region. We will provide support for anyone interested in carrying on the iNFUSION brand and values in order to promote health and wellness.
    Troy, AL Location

    Troy, AL

    220 Elba Hwy
    Troy, AL 36079
    (334) 566-5295


    All recommendations on operating under the iNFUSION name business model will be contingent upon a market analysis of the prospective location which will be conducted prior to any investment made by the franchisee or franchisor. In essence, we at iNFUSION will set you up for success and eliminate the costly mistakes that prevent and delay your return on investment.

    Birmingham, AL Location

    Birmingham, AL Location

    Coming Soon!!
    Business Development

    Business Development

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